Mobi Kids Color Fizzies Bath Bombs for Kids Set w/ Surprise Toy Inside, 7-Pack

Mobi Kids Color Fizzies Bath Bombs for Kids Set w/ Surprise Toy Inside, 7-Pack

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Is bath time a struggle with your little ones?

Transform the daily bath time battles into moments of pure joy with Little Whale Bath Co. color fizzies bath bombs. These delightful shower bombs are designed to put smiles on your kid's face . making the prospect of bath time an eagerly anticipated event.

Enriched with Epsom salts . these bath bombs for kids work their magic by soothing tired muscles . creating a calming experience that both children and parents can appreciate. As your kids enjoy the captivating hues . you can revel in the knowledge that their bath time is not only entertaining but also therapeutic . making it a win-win for the whole family.

Usher in a world of happy . soothing . and colorful bath time memories with Mobi Kids Color Fizzies Bath Bombs.

Immerse your child in a sensory paradise with the invigorating tropical fruity scent of our bath bomb kit . evoking images of sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees. As they soak in the bath . this delightful aroma lingers in the air . turning each bath time into a sensory delight that transports them to a tropical oasis.

Hidden within each bath bomb is a sponge toy waiting to be discovered. This element of surprise transforms every bath into a relaxing yet thrilling adventure . as your little one eagerly anticipates what surprise awaits them in the fizzy waters.

You can relax with confidence . knowing that our bath bombs are crafted from non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients . providing a safe bathing experience for your child. Little Whale Bath Co. kids bath bombs are GMO-free too . demonstrating our commitment to your child's well-being and making their bath time as wholesome as it is enjoyable.

With Mobi Kids Color Fizzies Bath Bombs . bath time is no longer a chore but a cherished part of the day. Add these to your cart today.

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